Seva4life Education Service

For the last 12 years, Seva4life has been exclusively working with the marginalized community. Over the last couple of decades, it has strongly come under the observation that a noteworthy number of people are being deprived of the education since their lives are afflicted by the poverty. Gauging this need of the afflicted, Seva4life decided to share their familial and financial burden through educating the deprived community. With a passion to alleviate poverty and becoming a ray of hope for the deprived community.

Seva4life envisions a Canada where access to quality education is a norm and is ensured as a fundamental right for every citizen. So far, all of its educational institutions are a testament to this and substantiate its visionary statement.

Seva4life is deeply committed to providing the community with a strong foundation of early childhood education, the ongoing support that helps keep children on track in school during moments of hardship or crisis, and important resources provide adults a clear path forward in their career and secure financial independence. Seva4life believes that education can open doors of opportunity that are otherwise closed for many people.